About CKC Publishing

The Corridor for Knowledge & Creativity (CKC) Publishing is a registered private limited publishing company, which aims to promote and encourage the research-based  knowledge, catering to both national and international needs. It is an independent publishing house with an aspiration to engage with the researchers and academicians all around the globe, and provide them with a podium to share their research, knowledge, and expertise. Within the scope of the CKC Publishing, we publish research journals, where scholars from different regions and backgrounds are invited to get their creditable research work published and recognized. CKC works with the motto of free publication of research papers in academic research journals issued at its platform and free online access to the academic literature published in it. We acknowledge the fact that successful publishing owes immensely to the competency of our editors. Our editorial boards, therefore are comprised of the members from different parts of the world and their diverse knowledge, expertise,
conviction, and dedication are our strengths in maintaining the high standards of our publishing house. Similarly, we give great importance to both emerging and established authors who offer distinct, genuine and valuable research content to our publication in their pursuit to get it published. In doing so, we not only seek to achieve the finest and reliable publishing service for our authors, but also a pragmatic reading experience for our readers. Hence, at CKC, we ensure that your publishing and reading experience with us is useful so that you feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.